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COMBE PETER If you follow my Blue Velvet Chair blog, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Peter Combe's paint chip art works. His work is front and center on the 3rd most popular post from my blog, and I took the opportunity recently to ask Peter to 'sit down' for an interview with Artizen Magazine. While Peter is artist over artisan, there is overflowing inspiration to be found in his works made from paint chips. And as the line between 'handmade artisan' and 'artist' is sometimes blurred, causing more and more debate across both the art and artisan worlds, I was curious to know what Peter thought about the idea of someone using his work as inspiration to realize their own creation. "Personally, I am not threatened at all. Paint chips are a sort of readymade pallet, people should be free to explore their creativity with the medium. Artists are always inspired by other artists work - it keeps art evolving. My art is not easy to create, there is also a lot of math involved - I doubt it could be duplicated very easily." NTERVIEW BY MICHAEL HELANDER of BLUE VELVET CHAIR

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