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Art with Ka by Sophie Couch Every time I hear the term, "graphic novel" I titter. I can't help it. It's my immature side and I'm old enough to remember when that term meant something else. Nonetheless, I really enjoy the art form and was delighted to interview this creative crew for Artizen. Heather Breckel is a colorist – and that has nothing to do with covering your roots either. She works as part of a team that produces graphic novels, the books you and I used to call "comic books." These graphic novels have taken a leap, pushing the envelope with regard to content and art. Heather modestly describes her job as "getting paid to fill in coloring books," but anyone studying the work she pours into the production of one of these high-concept, bold books, sees that she has stepped well beyond the comic book trade of yesterday and definitely is not filling in coloring books. In this collective of artists, all of whom do work through Studio4Hire, no (wo)man is an island. The process of creating one of today's graphic novels is definitely a collaborative process, yet all of the artists interviewed seem equally adept and ready to change hats. Michael Watson, Chief Creative Officer/Editor at Studio4Hire and Freestyle Komics is also the artist/creator of HOTSHOT, as well as doing "inks", plotting, colors and character designs. Consequently, he is well qualified to describe the beginning to end process of creating a graphic novel. He describes the typical starting point as the plot, which morphs into a script and then begins the fine tuning on 22 er!

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