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an Liquor oast this year, y the liquor h Friday, wonderful he shelves wn: Glacier Four-times e of vodkas, I will very likely made with of the vodka ri Nelson, representing urs. ey see the of mixology is and their own ny actually onship with ohol distillery from "farm to l standards. g Glacier hey were pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was, which I attribute to the filtration process and the quality of the water used in distilling it. Everything out there is clean." Nelson said that while Glacier sales now top 5,000 cases (75,000 bottles) per year, that's not a lot for vodka – with Smirnoff moving about 25 million cases to lead the pack in a vodka market generating over $1 billion in sales annually. "I think we will continue to see growth with Glacier," said Nelson, "But I don't think we will ever get to the level of the big players. I like it being smaller. I like having it in select markets and just to know people are enjoying it on a personal level. It will always be more of an artisanal vodka." Nelson said that Nice Imports is in the process of re-launching the brand and emphasizing its U.S. provenance, an effort including in-store tastings, small promotional campaigns, and a redesign of the bottle's label (see picture on left) to help it stand out a bit more on the shelf. "I think that generations in the past have been drinking what their parents drank," said Nelson. "The younger millennial generation is looking for those artisanal cocktails. They want something new and exciting." Los Angeles Times, November, 2005 American Sud-nik Two Ottley-born vodkas, Blue Ice and Teton Glacier, have been rated by the spirit industry's Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago as better than just about any vodka you can think of, including the ones you're probably most familiar with. In late 2003, the institute awarded Teton Glacier 92 points and Blue Ice 93 points, higher than all but a handful of European vodkas. ge juice, 1.5 oz fresh pineapple juice, 1.5 oz fresh lime juice ark, NYC, from BARTENDER magazine, January-March, 2002

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