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An interactive magazine featuring interviews with artisan creators of everything from food and wine to clothing, fine art and jewelry. Live links for directly shopping from the best artisans around the globe.

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A few more tips on using a CatStone digital magazine: You may PRINT any and all of the pages though that isn't necessarily so green. That said, we made it a size that an ink jet printer should be able to handle. You can upload to FACEBOOK to share with your friends and show off your good taste. Just use the Facebook option under the WEB symbol in the toolbar. You must SUBSCRIBE in order to be on our mailing list and get automatically notified that a new issue is ready to read. We keep all emails completely private. We appreciate your trust and we wouldn't want spam ourselves, so we promise not to send it to you. We VERY VERY MUCH appreciate your help getting the word out about our digital magazine. Word of mouth from readers and artisans is our strongest support. If you know people who will enjoy the content or are artists themselves, please let them know about us. You can forward an email with the link, Tweet the link, post it on a forum, use that fabulous LIKE button... Well, you get it. Serious thanks to everyone. A couple of popular back issues... Connect with Artizen: MORE BACK ISSUES HERE 47

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