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abies Dolls That Come To Life "Can you think of a more satisfying way to live than making a dancing monkey in a tutu?" ask Chris Chomick and Peter Meder. Their answer to this dilemma is an emphatic no! Chomick and Meder are full-time automata makers, which means they really do spend their days constructing quirky, strange, and unusual-looking doll-like animated figures. Their dolls have exquisitely painted faces, confrontational stares, and an odd assortment of accessories. Their Bellboy, a sarcastic hollow-eyed man in bold red uniform, really rings a bell. Their babies have electric stick-up hair and vintage, fun patterns and buttons on their clothes. Both automated and stationary designs make up their repertoire, but all of the dolls are alert and alive with personality. Chomick+Meder make automata because it's what they love to do. Before 1994, they both had day jobs in the advertising business. But when Chomick's father suddenly passed and Meder's suffered a severe stroke three months later, the couple quit their day jobs. "Life was delicate, unpredictable and could end

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