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not entirely true. My intertrope work began as hand built constructions. It is difficult and time consuming to hand model sequential forms in an accurate manner to provide the effects of animation (persistence of vision) when activated by my intertrope mechanisms. My current ideas only complicate this since the forms are more numerous, intertwined and complex. In some cases, there is some level of possibility that I could make them by hand but I am already not as prolific as I'd like to be - this would only slow me down even more. 3D modeling and printing helps me to speed up my productivity as well as remain accurate and true to my visions - so yes, I need 3D printing but I don't believe it would be impossible to make them without it." I asked how he was enjoying the Maker Faire phenomenon. "I really love the Maker Faires. They are a terrific venue for me because I get to meet and talk with so many great people. They open me up to their world of interesting tinkering as much as people may be enlightened by my work." Artizen is feeling the same way and we highly recommend involving yourself in these interactive gatherings and spectacles as they gain in popularity. Find out about Faires: Ryan's website:

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