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Every now and then I view artwork that seems to just feed my soul. Assemblage always tweaks my interest because I like to ponder all the bits, to solve puzzles, consider stories and, as a magazine designer, I really love balancing objects on a page, so I appreciate seeing how people do the same with their sculptural "pages." Larry Simons' work particularly struck a chord. Maybe it's because I like things old or I like things wood or I like things reused. I somehow suspect that it's all about the calming balance. His own artist's statement was so superb that I was honestly left without a question to ask. Perhaps I was just too "calmed." At any rate, he gave me permission to share it with Artizen readers. Enjoy! Since childhood I've harbored a passion, closeted at first, for making art but I didn't always realize how deep a calling it was. In junior high I came across a photo of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" which awakened me to my keen visual sense. In 1965 I began making sculptures on Cape Cod with leather scraps from the sandal shop where I worked. When I moved west two years later, I visited the Watts towers in Los Angeles and the junk assemblages in the mud flats across the bay from San Francisco and my eyes opened to the art materials that are everywhere which I began turning into whimsical constructions on empty lots and beaches. In 1970, after four years in Aspen where I had initially gone to attend a writers' workshop, I settled in rural Southeastern Vermont, opened aretail business, married and raised a family. It was here that my passion evolved from avocation to vocation. Fortunate enough to travel and experience critical times in history in different parts of the world, I have been able to explore and nurture my creative impulses by being an observer, forager and steward of beautiful objects.

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