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T he Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail is for a unique cigar connoisseur. Regular everyday cigar smokers likely buy their cigars from cigar stores, own humidors and if attending an event, take their own cigars. They generally smoke strong, fuller bodied cigars. But CigarVolante caters to what we call the "Opportunistic Cigar Smokers" who don't frequent cigar stores. They don't own humidors. But, when attending an event and seeing something perhaps completely new, a little crazy, or just a good time to expand their horizons, they get caught up in the experience and with the opportunity to smoke a wellselected cigar, they jump in as a way to enhance their event experience. They will likely smoke as an accompaniment to a beverage - a craft beer, a fine wine or a spirit. The cigar becomes a fun and enlightening(?) accessory. We started the Virginia Wine and Cigar Trailâ„¢ in 2011 to extend my cigar distribution business, CigarVolante LLC, out into the winery scene. I was selling cigars on weekends at festivals which proved to be a great way to get out, drink some good wine or craft beer, meet people, smoke cigars and to make a few dollars on the side as I headed towards retirement. Though selling products at

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