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he used with his fine interior finishing business. Around the same time, a colleague introduced him to a European clay plaster product that was free of the potential toxins affecting his health. Although it was an improvement, he thought he could make it better. He enlisted Carol, an interior designer with a fine arts degree in ceramics, to research the product and determine its composition. With her understanding of clays and aggregates and his engineering background they were able to reverse engineer a comparable product. We should not underestimate the potency of mixing maternal instinct and entrepreneurial spirit. In my interviews with product manufacturers, I'm often told how underlying considerations for future generations influence business decisions. When I raise this issue with Carol it brings her to tears. It's easy to see how deep her passion runs for merging her business strengths with efforts that contribute positively. Regard for others, even people you don't know or will never meet, is an essential ingredient of sustainability. A year later, Carol used a new house under construction in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the company is located, to test their new formulation. In the beginning, everyone but Carol was thinking small. But she knew right from the start the product had wide commercial potential. By 2002, a refined version was ready for introduction to the building materials market. Even though everyone thought she was crazy, Carol knew how important it would be to legally protect what she and Croft had developed. "We went to see this patent attorney," Carol tells me with full theatrical reenactment. "She's this tiny little lady, and she said 'Oh, I think we can get this patented, and would you put this in my house please?' And I thought, wow there Click HERE to go explore the myriad of color and texture options available from American Clay. 55

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