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BUCHWALD LIGHTS BY CINDY MARKS THE DESIGNER Frank Buchwald studied design at the University of the Arts in Berlin and it's here that his studio now resides. Having been a freelance painter and illustrator, self-employed since 1993, Buchwald progressed into designing and manufacturing furniture and "machine objects." His light objects were begun in 2002. Artizen asked Buchwald if he considered his work influenced by the "steampunk" aesthetic in any way. He replied that while pleased the scene enjoys his objects, his work never really followed any specific design trends. If he had to place it into a particular genre, "industrial" could be the better term because his pieces are less ornamental than many steampunk items. While referring often to the process by which he arrives at a new design, Frank clearly follows his instincts and lets one design discovery lead to the next. "Rough drafts, with pencil and marker pens. This is the only way to find the essence, the character of a new object. My ideas have to be open, to modify every detail with one stroke at a time. To be in progress."

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