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insectus: how about you, sly? what were your steamy roots? *ahem* madart: Yeah, Sly, spill it! sly: *laughs* Well, I grew up reading a LOT of Edward Gorey and Chas Addams books. sly: So I was deeply fond of the Gothic Victorian style. insectus: ah, a weird childhood. That seems to be the prerequisite of Steamers in general. sly: I started making things very young as well, knitting and making jewelry and other crafts, and I loved repurposing things. madart: *second that emotion* sly: I also always felt this deep longing to *be* in that time period, which seems a common thread as well. madart: The Victorian aesthetic is most compelling! sly: And so there I was, merrily making my bizarre jewelry with antique keys and fuses and little Victorian Gorey-inspired stories to go with them, and suddenly I discovered there was a whole community of people who felt precisely the same way and loved all the same things. ZKitten: So, for ya'll, Steampunk isn't just aesthetics, it's a way of socializing, but it's own group of people who identify together, a culture? madart: For me, it's more about the aesthetic. sly: Absolutely. It's a philosophy, a community, a subculture with its own aesthetic and social structure. madart: How about you, Insectus? insectus: I got into it via that inherent weirdness as well.  Via the Wunderkammer route, rather than the cog and gears route. Ever since I was a little 'un I'd collected oddities and display specimens, little bird skeletons I'd dug up in the yard, that kind of thing. Later on, when I went to uni (college), I started hanging out to draw in the anatomy museum instead of the cafeteria, and that started to inspire a more serious curiosity for the strange. Started looking at artists like Keith LoBue and Ron Pippin, and making little boxes of the wonderful myself... madart: OMG, Keith LoBue is a god to me!! SlyViolet 13

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