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es r (as seen on Etsy), their handcrafted goggles are certainly worth a second look. "Pretty much everybody in steampunk has goggles as their essential accessory," J.P said. A glasses wearer since he was . 12, J.P designed his goggles in response to the market's lack of . glasses-friendly models. According to him, most of the goggles out there do not fit over glasses comfortably. Jason Allen owns a pair of goggles from Double A Stitching, and he likes the fact that they are functional as well as aesthetic. "You can actually wear them and see," Allen said. He also likes that the front attachments can flip up and out of the way. "I don't like the designs where people put big implements covering your vision," said J.P "I'd rather have functional items . than pure cosmetics." However, the Ammons' own "cosmetic" touches contribute much to the intrigue and individuality of their goggles. With this, Allen appreciates every detail, including adjustable side straps, gear stamping and snaps. J.P takes about two days to make a pair of goggles, and the . Ammons team has completed close to 80 items this past year with many works in progress. "It's more the love of making the items than it is about massproduction," J.P said. One-year-old permitting, the Ammons . cut, tweak, punch and sew every item, keeping an eye towards authenticity and individuality. Their affinity for steampunk, coupled with high-quality construction skills and creativity, makes Double A Stitching a great place to start building your essential steampunk wardrobe. J.P hams it up next to . a photo of some of his early steampunk muses.

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