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An interactive magazine featuring interviews with artisan creators of everything from food and wine to clothing, fine art and jewelry. Live links for directly shopping from the best artisans around the globe.

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A few readers asked to know more about the origins of Artizen. Let's see if I can fill in some of the gaps... Artizen is basically a dream child of mine. I'm Cindy Marks, a long time graphic designer and creative director of print magazines. I started a company just over 2 years ago, CatStone Press, upon discovering Flash digital publishing out on the web. I love combining the organic layout options of my print design with the interactive and fun elements of the web. Artizen is the second digital magazine I've created around essentially my own interests. The first was a music magazine, PLAYLIST. Long story short, the music magazine was extremely difficult to sustain and after a year and a half, I relunctantly, but realistically, gave it up. For a year, I focused on growing the client base for CatStone, creating digital publications for businesses ranging from travel to interactive shopping catalogs for food and clothing. I love working with small businesses and especially love it when I can not only turn their paper publications into something both green and fun, but also save them quite a bit of cash in the process. I continue to have wonderful clients. But clients don't always have room for pushing the creative envelope sometimes it's too risky or too time consuming. So eventually, I wanted to create my own magazine once again. I realized that the things most dear to me on both a creative and intellectual level included just about anything created lovingly by hand with a sprinkling of pizazz. I also kept coming across marketing information saying that the prizes of the web world would go to those who could wade through the myriad bits of information and then present the very best in a compelling way to an audience. And so, Artizen was born. It's an endeavor based entirely on the things I love most - design, beauty, maybe a touch of geekiness. I get to contact and highlight artisans for whom I have endless admiration. I personally gain so much from the process and hopefully I add to the artisans' exposure and bottom line by bringing them new eyes and customers. My hope is to grow the magazine and a team of associates at the same time, since I know I can't possibly do this all myself. I've had several guest writers 4

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