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Interview with Terry Grahl by Christina Ritchie Rogers Terry Grahl is an interior designer who not only revamps rooms in shelters for abused women and children but also beautifies the residents on the inside, replacing feelings of fear and worthlessness with those of hope and self worth. Grahl believes people's surroundings have a direct impact on their spirit and their healing process, and feels that shelters often reflect and perpetuate the residents' feelings of despair and sadness. She founded Enchanted Makeovers, a 501 (c) organization that focuses on transforming shelters for women and children, in 2007 as a way to raise awareness of the importance of creating safe, inviting environments for women and children suffering abuse or struggling with addiction. "It's really going back to your own home - how would you feel if you were getting beaten, and you finally ran, but then you had to live in a place that was so depressing, and the energy was so negative that there was no hope? How would you get through that?" said Grahl. As her initiative takes hold and gains influence, Grahl said more women – from the suburbs as well as the projects - are seeking the shelters' services and, once there, are sticking to the shelter programs more than they used to. Enchanted Makeovers aims to identify, organize and mobilize volunteers and donors, and to raise awareness of the impact environment has on the healing process. Grahl wants shelter directors to understand that "what they're putting out is what they're getting back," and that they need to shift their thinking and seek more than just "the basics," like used sheets and old cots for use by the residents. "They're just as worthy as you are to have a beautiful place to sleep at night and to have a hand-made embroidered pillowcase," Grahl said. But the healing process is more than room-deep. Enchanted Makeovers also plans hands-on events for the women and children, from crafts, to cooking, to gardening and more, that foster interpersonal relationships. Grahl believes "all of us are really the same; we just have different stories," and sees the hands-on 28

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