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Oooohhh, Ice Cream! Ooooohhh! Ice Cream! Yum! Don't we all love that cool, sweet, creamy delight? Its so good that it seems to soothe the soul. Sometimes we just crave it! And no wonder ~ the combination of sugar and high-fat creaminess is exactly what our bodies demand in these high stress times. You see, stress and anxiety flood our bodies with cortisol which in turn, promotes desire for high-fat/highcarb foods. And ice cream perfectly meets the need. But many of us can't, or don't, partake of that heavenly delight ~ whether for health reasons like allergies, digestive problems, or concern about consuming all the by-products in commercial milk; or because of compassion for factory-farmed animals. Today, there are alternatives. There are some yummy soy "ice creams" that are every bit as tasty as the real stuff. But there a few issues around soy as well. In excess of 90% of soy is genetically engineered. Additionally, soy, with the exception of fermented soy products, needs to be consumed judiciously. It definitely has an effect on our endrocrine system ~ as is attested to by the women who have been helped through menopause by including it in their diet. But soy, especially when consumed on a regular basis, has been shown to have a deleterious effect on the body's ablity to utilize thyroid hormone, and that can cause a whole host of problems. So, what's an all natural Grammy to do???!!! Well, I, for one, fall back on an ole standby from my days teaching raw foods at a local comminity center. Once a month we had a special class for a group of children, 2 to 11 years old, and their moms. We had all the usual activities available: crafts, sewing, dressup... and The Kitchen!! The kids were allowed to flit from

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