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now a bit tting at 'm f here hem Jeni's Splendid ice creams are each an inspiration of Jeni Britton Bauer, who started back in 1996 by putting a dash of cayenne essential oil into a base of chocolate ice cream while looking for an interesting dessert solution for her local artisan chefs in Ohio. From that point on, her creamy concoctions have been a love affair between Jeni's made-from-scratch ice cream bases and whatever is making the freshest appearance in the local North Market. Or her local farmers may drop by with some of the very best out of their gardens. She's even been known to tango with some meat flavors should a fresh item be tempting enough. On the website, flavors are divided into "signature" and "seasonal." Here's just a smattering: Salty Caramel Initial notes of burnt sugar give way to mouth-watering saltiness. A perfect salty sweet balance. Gravel Road Savory and smoky hits of almonds first, rounded out with salty notes for a satisfying finish. Thai ChiliĀ  Complex flavors of hot, salty, savory, and sweet melt to provide a satisfying treat. Spicy finish lingers. Wildberry Lavender Complex. Intense lavender with hints of exotic spices and lots of brambly berry flavors. Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet A surprisingly rich sorbet; pure pear flavor with unique pear texture; sweet Riesling notes shine on the finish. I had to chuckle when reading over her descriptions. I'd heard this terminology during a wine tasting. But was this typical for ice cream? Jeni explained that in order to sell ice cream online, she felt she needed to explain flavors as fully as she could and so decided to borrow somewhat from her wine producing peers. And the descriptions must do the trick, as her online sales are going very well - one of her fastest growing "stores," at least as big as her brick & morters. "I have customers with whom I talk each week. They are 'regulars' just like our shop customers." 21

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