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An interactive magazine featuring interviews with artisan creators of everything from food and wine to clothing, fine art and jewelry. Live links for directly shopping from the best artisans around the globe.

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The Art o An interview with the I don't usually start the morning off with a chilled glass of beer, but when 2010 Brewers Association World Cup Champion Brewmaster Jason Oliver handed me a generous sample of fresh Summer Haze, how could I resist? "This beer was extremely successful last summer," said Oliver, squeezing a lemon wedge into the light amber in his own glass and nodding at me to do the same. "And this year we've got it ready by Memorial Day instead of July." I admit I was initially skeptical at his addition of the fruit, equating it with overzealous bartenders who in the previous decade or so had seemed to be dropping citrus into every conceivable beverage, regardless of whether it made any gustatory sense or not. As I raised my glass and thanked him for the drink, Oliver explained that the Englishinfluenced wheat beer was

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