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ELIN Thomas Story by Cindy Marks TM Normally when we think of lush classic materials used for fine clutches and bags, we absolutely would NOT want them to be moldy! Heaven forbid! Anything growing on your purse would, at minimum, cast aspersions on your eating habits and elicit mortification in the board room. But not so with this collection by Elin Thomas, a fiber artist hailing from Bristol in the UK. Elin's work, which combines a selection of bags with lots of jewelry (available in retail outlets), is widely respected and has always included an organic touch, though molds, fungi and lichen are a newer topic for her. "I started off doing coral–it's a popular genre in crochet incorporating hyperbolic and freeform aspects of crochet. I find it so inspiring, the weird and wonderful undersea world. However, I'm no scubadiver and may well never get to see a coral reef in my lifetime. I started thinking about the UK, my Welsh and Scottish roots and what would be more real for me as an individual. The palette of the UK landscape resonates with me strongly. I love to work tonally as well as chromatically." "I've recently started to work with Harris Tweed which I have a real passion for. The whole ethos and process of Harris Tweed has the consistency and integrity that I like, the landscape of the outer Hebrides speaks through the fabric but not in a corny or literal way. I hope my lichen work has a similar quality, it's realistic but subtle as well."

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