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Using the Evolving Role of the Teacher in Curriculum Theory to Target Standards While Combating Standardization In this article, the author first traces the historical roles of the teacher as curriculum designer and curriculum deliverer, referencing prominent curriculum theorists of the 20th and 21st centuries. She then uses the evolution of these roles, particularly teachers' most recent role as "teacher-designer" in Wiggins and McTighe's UbD model of curriculum development, as a platform from which to encourage teachers to teach for deep understanding despite the need to "cover" the countless standards required by accountability tests in today's standards-driven classrooms. Finally, the author offers an example of a UbD unit designed to teach to several 7th grade VA English Standards of Learning. She argues that designing and implementing UbD units such as the one presented can help teachers to meet standards while combating standardization and enhancing the professionalization of teaching. Amy Vanden Boogart Amy Vanden Boogart is an Ed.D. Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at George Washington University, and she serves as Curriculum Specialist with Community Academy Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC. She is a former Virginia teacher and curriculum and assessment designer who specializes in creating materials for struggling readers. Her research interests include upper elementary teacher knowledge for teaching reading to struggling reders, teacher education and professional development to improve reading instruction, and the use of iPads and other emerging technologies for instruction. Curriculum theory has characterized the role of the teacher in widely varying ways from the 1800s to the present, providing evidence that the teacher's role and responsibilities in curriculum design and delivery have shifted several times over the last two and a half centuries. As these roles of the teacher have evolved, the teacher has increasingly been granted more power in curriculum 56 Virginia Educational Leadership Vol. 10 No. 1 2013

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