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Uipreen Ieetping t g gt k bu How Did We End Up Wrapping All This Stuff Anyway? ittle artisan help Although the invention of paper is largely credited to the Egyptians��� use of papyrus , made of marsh grass that was softened in the waters of the Nile, true ���modern��� papermaking originated with the Chinese during the Han Dynasty in the second century AD. Their Roman contemporaries had already established a gift-giving tradition for pagan festivals such as the Roman New Year, the winter solstice and Saturnalia ��� and also used endowments strategically as a way to gain favors or power. Prompted by the offerings of the three Magi as told by Matthew in his account of the nativity, the ritual of Christmas gift-giving became firmly established, although the practice was shunned by the early Church because of its material and pagan affiliations ��� only to be revived again in the Middle Ages. Gifts were wrapped in the materials available at the time ��� thick brown paper, cloth, or simple tissue paper tied with string or sealed with wax ��� and were also presented in decorated baskets. Improvements in printing press technology in the 1890s allowed for stiff paper to be printed with colored ink, and with the industrial revolution came the 27

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