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QLuke Haynes e 2 Our second quilter is artisan, Luke Haynes. This is a man not afraid to break with tradition in either his gender role or his subject matter. Here���s our Artizen interview, by Cindy Marks. First, to bust open a few stereotypes, can you tell us about being a guy who quilts? This is something I come up against everyday. The demographic of quilters is quite specific, and I just don���t fit. I move a lot for my art with residencies and exhibitions and to regions sympathetic to quilters, so there is a lot of new faces to meet and greet. Being a quilter I go to fabric stores at least once a week, most of whom are run by the quilt maker demographic. As soon as I make eye contact I am immediately dismissed as the husband or boyfriend of a quilter or seamstress. I have a devil of a time finding help till I drop down 20 bolts of fabric on the table and start getting the fabric for an entire quilt. It���s interesting to be a minority and feel prejudged. I think it will make my work more dynamic. I make quilts because I like the tactile qualities of fabric and the notions of functional aesthetics. I make quilts because they engage my design brain as well as my study of reaction and interaction. You mention the Gee���s Bend quilts on the About page of your website. I recently had the good luck to be waiting for 17

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