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Personalized learning is all the buzz in education these days. And even as the merits of such philosophical approaches to the way we teach children are debated, there's something within the subject that resonates with me and how I learn as an adult. Without any formal "classes" to take, I find myself being a curator of my own learning experiences. Usually, this works well for me and with some effort I'm able to learn what I want when I want. In Belvidere, we are trying to recognize the efficacy of having learners own their learning. This applies not only to our young learners, but to our adult learners, which means we need to be constantly asking ourselves how to better align our professional development offerings to the unique needs of each adult learner. While we have much to learn, below are some of the strategies that we are systematizing in our district to help our staff have more. Rounding "Patient Rounding" is a tactic used in many hospitals by nurses to make sure the nurse understands the needs of the patient. It's a simple strategy: the nurse pops into the patient's room regularly to ask a set of standard questions like, "How's your pain?" "Are you comfortable?" and "Is there anything else I can do for you?" Studies show that the practice reduces falls by 50% and calls for help by 38%. The idea is Personalized Learning in Belvidere District School Spotlight Dan Woestman: Superintendant for Belvidere Illinois School District SUMMER 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 54

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