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Article A WORK IN PROGRESS: Embracing Lifelong Literacy Learning Elizabeth Olsen Twenty two years of schooling. Thirty years in public schools. Five years literacy consulting. Fifty two years reading. I will never be done. I embrace this. At the core of excellent teaching is professional learning. Strangely, throughout our education on education, we are rarely reminded of this most essential fact—that we will never be done. We must deeply understand that inherent within this career is an allegiance to lifelong learning. We must be told this. We must accept this. We must embrace this. Only then will we have the peace and knowledge required to do this work. If this idea is not firmly embedded within our psyche, we will suffer. We will hinder. We will harm. We will be unhappy. If we cannot abide by this, then we should not teach. Let us tell our new education majors and new teachers this. Let us weave the idea of ongoing learning throughout every course we teach, every professional development we SUMMER 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 43

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