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Article Reframing End-of-Year Routines: Checking (Most of) the Boxes Allison Rodman As the school year winds down and educators set their sights on summer, our managerial roles kick into high gear. Time is consumed by master schedules, evaluation paperwork, dances, awards ceremonies, graduation, staff meetings, the list goes on. With action plans multiplying by the minute, it is no wonder that many educators lose a connection with their role as "lead learner" as spring progresses and summer draws near. Ironically, as temperatures rise and flowers begin to bloom, our own instincts for growth often shut down. To be fair, this is (at least in part) due to sheer exhaustion, but I also wonder how we might reshape our end-of-year practices to be a time of regrowth and renewal rather than one of closure. Focus on the Journey Rather than the Endpoint So many of our end-of-year awards ceremonies, and even graduation, focus solely on the endpoint—the accomplishment—and give little consideration to the challenges, hard work, (and even failures), that led to that day. What if schools spent more time recognizing the journey? Give students an opportunity to celebrate mistakes they made along the way and share what they learned from them and how they made them SUMMER 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 40

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