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Resource Corner Teaching Strategies to Build Lifelong Learners If there is a trait above all others that I want to imbue into my students, it is curiosity. Let that include a passion to understand, connect the dots, and answer questions like, "Why?" e first step toward reaching that goal would be using teaching strategies that open their minds to fascinating bits and pieces of knowledge, be they about computer games or nature. READ MORE... A Recipe for Inspiring Lifelong Learning A veteran teacher reflects on his quest to inspire intrinsic motivation and curiosity in his students. READ MORE... 25 Practices That Foster Lifelong Learning Is your capacity for learning is fixed or fluid? Can you improve your intelligence and talents through hard work and practice, or are you stuck with the brains you've got? Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck says most of us have either a "fixed" or "growth" mindset when it comes to learning. Most of us can get through sixteen years of schooling regardless of which mindset we have, but when it comes to lifelong learning–learning for the sake of learning, without outside pressure–only a growth mindset will cut it. READ MORE... SUMMER 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 36

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