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Book Review Unstoppable You by Patricia A. McLagan Learning new information is an incredibly complex task that requires attention to detail and focus. Transforming your learning ability is the central focus of Unstoppable You by Patricia A. McLagan. McLagan makes the need for her text clear by writing, "Learning 4.0 is a necessary and exciting upgrade for surviving and thriving in this nonstop world." The author uses the first section of the book to focus on the human brain and the multitude of connections that are formed continually throughout our lifetime. The author takes a deep dive into specific components of the brain including the cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, amygdala, claustrum and insula. The text provides a brief review of how these areas work together to allow the learning process to occur. From there McLagan begins to look at the chemical and electrical activity within your brain that is responsible for moving the new information between each area within the brain. These incredibly complex processes are deconstructed for the reader in a way that allows for easy digestion of the information. McLagan then makes an important distinction when she Click the cover to view on Amazon. Matt Mayer SUMMER 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 32

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