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that used to be dug back into the soil and used as fertiliser. Previous page: Golden Glow Flowering Tea; above: jennifer conducting a tea tasting workshop; below: tea samplers. Eager to learn more about TEA? Tons of online information is HERE at the Canton Tea School! "You also have the environmental impact of producing all those tea bags," she continues. "They're just not necessary. As soon as you have a teapot that separates the tea from the leaves, there's no need to have a tea bag. All of the chemicals that go into producing them, and the waste involved, are absurd. If people didn't have tea bags and had to drink what was inside them, they wouldn't stand for it for a second. The only reason they drink that stuff is because it's quick and easy." Jennifer is softly spoken but her voice brims with passion when she talks about tea; it's difficult to resist being captivated by her arguments for drinking a better quality product. So how did she come to start Canton Tea Co, and thus her challenge to bring better tea to the people? "I first got into tea about 20 years ago," she recalls. "Barney, my partner, travelled a lot to the Far East and brought back an extraordinary green tea, which I loved. I was a writer for The Body Shop and had no intention of starting my own business. "Then I went freelance and was involved in the branding of various companies, and it struck me that most of them were

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