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We frequently hear about teachers who are burnt out, leaving the field, or retiring in place. We hear about young people not entering the teaching field because of the stress and current state of frustration and disappointment with American schools. Teaching is the most important profession in our country as it prepares our children for all other professions. We must figure out how to support our educators so that they can re- energize, revitalize, and rebuild themselves and the profession as a whole. School administrators take an important role in providing that support. There is no one answer, and many would probably argue about the "right" answer. Self awareness and mindfulness have been topics in many professional development workshops and professional books for educators. Self awareness and mindfulness are key strategies for anyone to engage in when life can be so hectic and so pressure filled. Three strategies that have received attention in recent years from perhaps different perspectives but not necessarily around the topic of teacher burnout are the idea of administrators supporting teachers from a coaching perspective, offering job-embedded professional development, and finally focusing on helping teachers feel heard and understood. Conversation is Everything: Supporting Teachers Through Stress and Burnout Trending Lori Parrish SPRING 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 1 | PAGE 10

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