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Article Reducing Stress Through a Fit Leaders' Lifestyle Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D. Here's a self-admission: I am on Twitter – a lot. It's been life-changing for me as an educator. Connecting, sharing, challenging, being challenged, I feed off of it. However, I have always struggled with a Twitter trope that truly boggles my mind. It's the "give everything of yourself for kids, each and every day, at-all-costs, whatever it takes" approach to education. That kind of education martyrdom is, well, something. It's noble; I'll give it that. Although I can tell you what it's not: it's not healthy and it's not sustainable. Beyond being short-sighted and counterproductive, its damage to the educator's well-being, family health and professional standing can be devastating. It's like the old saying, "she's a burst of energy!" Indeed, she is, but when the "burst" flames out, when the fire ceases to rage, what are kids left with— what's left of her? That last question transcends the 280-character limit of Twitter. It shakes its head at the pie-in-the- sky memes that fill our Twitter timelines—which, admittedly, temporarily inspire before plummeting us to unshakeable depths as we desperately try to maintain an ideology and work ethic that is just.not.sustainable. Soon we start to look at those messages of inspiration, those battle-cry memes, and doubt has crept-in. We find ourselves habitually hitting the "like" button because SPRING 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 1 | PAGE 51

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