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Article The Perfect Storm – Why Teacher Burnout Continues to Grow Dr. Kelly Stewart Dr. Crystal Haselhorst I recently had lunch with one of my former teachers from when I was the superintendent of Benton Consolidated High School. I mentioned to her that I was considering co- writing an article on teacher burnout, to which she replied that she had seven more years and she would be ready to be done. She is exactly why I wanted to write this article. You see, she is an outstanding teacher who is well liked by students. However, the aforementioned is not enough to keep exhaustion at bay for her. She is not unique. More and more teachers are experiencing some level of teacher burnout. To exacerbate the problem, this is happening at a time, especially in Illinois, when the teacher shortage predictions are now a reality. Thus, we find ourselves in a time when we can ill afford to lose any teachers to burnout, especially not our most talented ones. In this article, we would like to offer two colliding reasons, the recession of 2008 and school reform efforts, that created the perfect storm. The result of this storm is teacher burnout levels that are at an all time high, with recent teacher turnover rates rising 20 percent in urban schools and 16.8 percent in all other schools (Elder, C. Nidich, Moriarty, & R. Nidich, 2014). Diaz (2018) called teacher burnout, or extreme work related stress, a "modern day epidemic". In addition, we SPRING 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 1 | PAGE 41

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