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Book Review Teacher's Field Guide: 7 Truths about Teaching to Help You Start Off STRONG, Avoid Burnout and Stay in Love with Teaching by Kerry Hemms with Graham White One quick Google search for "teachers leaving the profession" will give you hundreds of links with similar titles: Teachers are seeing their colleagues leave at an alarming rate (McLaughlin, 2018). Burned out: why are so many teachers quitting or off sick with stress? (Tapper, 2018). In a world where these are the headlines we see and where everyone around us (involved in education or otherwise) is judging all of our moves, it is easy to start feeling like you are in over your head. Hearing statements of "I don't know how much longer I can do this" and "I'm exhausted and don't know what to do anymore" in the teachers' lounge is becoming more and more common. Click the cover to view on Amazon. Stevey Ukena We cannot allow this to continue. We need a solution to the crisis in the teaching profession. - Kerry Hemms, Teacher's Field Guide SPRING 2019 | VOLUME 65 | NUMBER 1 | PAGE 32

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